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[CA11] New install and updating questions - sr330da - 01-07-19 02:00 PM

I've just finished a new install on my boat.

AXIUM 9 (ver 3.2.101)
EV150 with P70Rs (ver ?)

I can not do the dockside wizard until spring when I launch the boat. I have the AXIUM 9 update 3.7.70 on a FAT 32 16gig SD card.

Do I leave the entire EV150 system plugged into the Ray network during the AXIUM update?

Can I update the EV150 system without doing the complete Autopilot setup?(Dockside wizard)

Will the Axium update the entire EV-150 system and in the correct order?


RE: [CA11] New install and updating questions - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 01-07-19 02:34 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum sr330da,

The latest LightHouse 3 software update download files for Axiom and Axiom Pro MFDs are actually compressed folders. These compressed folders not only contain the software update files for updating the software of the system's Axiom / Axiom Pro MFDs, but also that of the system's other devices which are designed to be update via the Data Master MFD. When the software update card is inserted into the memory card reader of a fully booted Axiom/Axiom Pro MFD, the MFD will alert the operator that software updates have been found and then provide the operator with the option to update all devices not having current software or to update user selected devices which not have current software. In systems featuring Evolution autopilot components lacking current software, it is recommended that the latter option be utilized an that the operator not elect to install the ACU's software update until the EV-1/EV-2 CCU's software has been updated. This can be accomplished by removing the check from the checkbox adjacent to the ACU within the display software update dialog. After all other updates have been completed, then the MFD may be commanded to check the card for updates (or simply eject and then re-insert the microSD memory card containing the software updates) to then permit the ACU's software to be updated.

Any software update to the EV-1/EV-2 CCU or ACU should be followed by commanding an Autopilot Factory Reset, executing the Dockside Wizard, and then undertaking the cruise to determine the deviation sensed by the EV-1/EV-2 CCU. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject.

RE: [CA11] New install and updating questions - sr330da - 01-14-19 08:15 AM

Worked great, thanks.

RE: [CA11] New install and updating questions - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 01-14-19 09:11 AM

You're welcome.