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[CA11]Axiom Wirelesss Video Streaming / Miracast - mjoplin - 01-08-19 10:52 PM

The tips, FAQs, and past posts were definitely a help in making wireless video streaming work.

Out of the box, I couldn't establish a wireless link to my Roku TV that has Miracast functionality built in. Looking through past posts, I used some suggestions and reset the wireless channel from 1 (out of the box) to 3 and it works like a champ.

Axiom 9 RV, Lighthouse 3, v 3.7.70, Roku TV - TCL model 28S305.

The MFD installation is in the flybridge of a 411 Meridian and the TV is located in the salon.

This will be a welcome addition to the boat, both for passengers while underway and more importantly monitoring drift while on the hook and not in the flybridge. Great feature!

RE: [CA11]Axiom Wirelesss Video Streaming / Miracast - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 01-09-19 10:03 AM

Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum mjoplin,

Thanks for the product feedback.