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[CA11] Type 1 pump installation - captainjj - 01-10-19 08:33 PM

I need to replace the wheel drive on my ST4000. The old unit could no react quickly enough with my existing hydraulic steering. Would replacement with Type 1 hydraulic pump be a possible fix, system is 5 turns lock to lock. The boat is full keel with a barn door rudder, 43ft 15 tons.
The steering has the pump and reservoir at the helm but with only two lines leading out to a manifold which supplies the two steering rams. Could the reservoir inlet at the pump be ignored?
Thanks for any insight, James

RE: [CA11] Type 1 pump installation - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 01-11-19 10:01 AM


Autopilot hydraulic pumps are not selected based upon the length/weight of the vessel. Instead, Autopilot hydraulic pumps are selected based upon the cubic capacity of the vessel's steering cylinder. This information and/or the make/model of steering cylinder are typically stamped onto the steering cylinder. What is the cubic capacity of your vessel's steering cylinder?