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[CA11] Convert .rwf to .fsh without RNS or VP? - charris - 01-25-19 07:36 PM

I have an important collection of waypoints in a file on my PC. This is a .rwf Raymarine format. I need to convert them to the Raymarine .fsh format, in order to import to my C80 Classic MFD. I see it is possible to convert .rwf to .fsh using RayTech RNS or Voyage Planner, por by using Fugawi Marine 5, but all 3 of these programs are no longer available, even for a price. So how does one accomplish this now? Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks

RE: [CA11] Convert .rwf to .fsh without RNS or VP? - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 01-28-19 09:47 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum charris,

RayTech Planner 6.2 software (i.e. RayTech RNS 6.2 when run without a license key) continues to be able to be downloaded from the RayTech RNS software update web page. While only supported for use with Windows 7, it continues to be run by those having later versions of the Windows operating system and are the Administrator of the PC. RayTech may not support use of currently available Navionics chart cards.

If seeking supported software, then GPS Utility not only supports .FSH files, but also .rwf files. This product does not support Navionics cartography. Navionics UK is presently recommending an planning application titled Navigation Planner.

In the freeware/shareware realm, GPSBabel has supported .rwf files for approximately a decade. It may also support .fsh files.