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[DG11] Raymarine speed display issue - BAVARIA 42 - Monty dong - 01-29-19 07:09 AM

hello all,

i am having a speed reading issue between my raymarine st60 tridata and st60 multi units.

in the cabin, the st60 multi is reading/displaying speed

in the cockpit, the st60 tridata is not reading/displaying speed

i presume there to be a cabling issue between units, but before i start pulling things apart i wonder if anyone has any advice/guidance on how to resolve this issue.


RE: [DG11] Raymarine speed display issue - BAVARIA 42 - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 01-29-19 07:22 AM

Hi Monty

Thank you for your enquiry.

What else is in the system and how is it all connected? Normally the Speed Transducer is connected direct to the ST60 speed display and then this speed data is repeated across SeaTalk to the ST60 Multi.

The ST60 multi is a repeater only, you cannot connect the Boat Speed transducer directly to it. So where is the ST60 multi getting it's speed data from?

Please check the ST60 Multi is displaying Speed through the water or SOG. If SOG, then it is coming from a GPS antenna, if Speed through the water, then either there is another source of Speed through the water in the system and the Tridata is not picking this up - could be a cable issue to the Tridata, or there is a fault in the ST60 Tridata itself.


RE: [DG11] Raymarine speed display issue - BAVARIA 42 - Monty dong - 01-31-19 12:04 AM

Cheers Derek,

Im not quite sure yet until I physically start looking.

I will take on board what you have said and shall report back once I have found the issue.

Cheers for the help.


RE: [DG11] Raymarine speed display issue - BAVARIA 42 - Louise - Raymarine - Moderator - 01-31-19 04:54 AM

You are welcome.

Thank you

RE: [DG11] Raymarine speed display issue - BAVARIA 42 - Monty dong - 02-17-19 07:02 AM

Good morning,

So I finally got round to having a look at the issue yesterday.


The tridata has a depth transducer connected, which is working and sharing that info via away all to the multi unit.

The tridata also has a speed transducer attached to it, without any product specs I wasn't sure where/what degree of voltage fluctuation I should be receiving at certain terminals to determine if the transducer is working correctly. Nonetheless, the multi is reading speed in SOG, which suggests that it is determine speed from gps source and not transducer.

I confirmed that the tridata was set to master.

At this stage I'm unsure why the seatalk system is sharing depth, but not sharing the SOG between controllers.

There is a raymarine C70 unit in the cabin which is also connected to seatalk - is this the source which sends out the SOG data to relevant units? If not what unit is responsible for sharing that information in the seatalk system?

At the end of my fault finding session, I was tracing the sea talk cables from the back of the C70 unit. I found that at some point in the boats history, a previous adjusted the path of the seatalk cabling.
See attachments - seatalk leaves C70, is then cut and terminated into a 3-way switch, exits the switch, is spliced then goes to another raymarine unit and also disapears behind panels - presumably making its way to the cockpit.
From my understanding of the seatalk system and cables which come with moulded plugs in general - is that they are not meant to be cut or spliced....

Any thoughts, opinions or advice is greatly appreciated.


RE: [DG11] Raymarine speed display issue - BAVARIA 42 - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-19-19 12:32 PM

Hi Monty,

SeaTalk is a basic 3 wire system, red = 12v, Yellow = data and Shield or screen = 0V, it generally self recovers when a fault is removed, so the key is to tace the faulty cable or unit.

The cables can be cut and rejoined without any issues - as long as the joins are made correctly and are of good quality and do not introduce any resistance.

There is a simple test for seatalk operation - turn the backlights ON on one instrument display, and they should come ON on all instrument displays. If they do, then the SeaTalk network is operating normally and any faults will be attributed to one of the instruments or it's transducer.

If one or a series of displays do not illuminate, this will help you track down the faulty display or connection or cable.

The GPS data could be from one of two sources, if an NMEA GPS antenna is used, then the c70 is likely converting that to SeaTalk and distributing it, or if the GPS antenna is a SeaTalk variant, then it is broadcasting it directly onto the network.

Select the DATABOX page on the c70 and look at what databoxes have correct data in them instead of dashes, this will also give you a clue as to what data is available on the network.