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[CA11] DigitalYacht AIT1500N2k Silent Mode - continouswave391 - 01-30-19 10:27 PM

I have been having some trouble with my Digital Yacht AIT1500n2k and my Raymarine a97 with Lighthouse 2 with the silent mode. I contacted Digital Yacht, they said they do not have a silent mode feature, however Raymarine does. (Under the AIS Menu there is a Silent Mode button). When I click the silent mode button, it only remains in the mode for a short period of time, then turns it self back off.

RE: [CA11] DigitalYacht AIT1500N2k Silent Mode - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 01-31-19 10:26 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum continouswave391,

The Silent Mode ON/OFF configuration setting found within LightHouse II software, LightHouse 3 software, and software for produced for earlier Raymarine MFDs was exclusively exclusively designed to control the Silent Mode state of compatible Raymarine AIS Class B transceivers. Those using third party AIS Class B transceivers should utilize the transceiver's silent mode leads, the transceiver's user interface, or application which was specifically designed for use with the third party AIS transceiver to control the transceiver's Silent Mode state.