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[DG11] What is an RL80C? - scooper321 - 02-03-19 09:38 PM


New to the forum and total newbie to Raymarine. I’m negotiating on a new (to me) boat that has an RL80C unit in it. It works fine, with the radar, charts and auto pilot. I’ve been trying to find a manual for the various components on the helm of this boat, and the RL80C is one of them. But in searching on line all I find are references to an RL80C PLUS or an HSB2. Are all these just different names for the same thing? If I find a manual for an RL80C PLUS, is that what I’m looking for?


RE: [DG11] What is an RL80C? - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-04-19 08:28 AM

Hi Steve,

The RL80C is a colour LCD 10" Radar display - which can also repeat chart information if it is connected to a matching RC631 display.

The RL80C plus or HSB2 manuals will cover that same products as most of the functions are generic. An RL80C Plus manual would certainly cover the functions of the display.

Please check out this link for the manual


RE: [DG11] What is an RL80C? - scooper321 - 02-05-19 02:49 PM

Thanks. That clears things up!

The boat doesn't have an RC631. It has an RN300. A bit more primitive, I suppose? But I'm told that the RL80C will show charts and radar. It can take 2 cards? I guess it gets the position data from the RN300 and the charts from the cards? Not sure why it can take two cards, however.

As for the manual, when I click the link I got this error:
"This shared file or folder link has been removed or is unavailable to you."


RE: [DG11] What is an RL80C? - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-06-19 04:56 AM

Hi Steve,

The RL80C is a radar only display, it can be used to repeat chart information from a chart variant of the RL80C when connected via HSB network.

There is a version of the RL80C, referred to as the RL80CRC, this unit has a chart door on the front and so is also a chart master unit which can be used to display chart information directly without connection to other displays.

There are two chart card slots, which enables the display to show cartography from either chart card, this eliminates the need to eject a chart card and reinsert a new one once the area of coverage is exceeded.

Note that these units only accept CMAP chart cards and the currently available CMAP chart cards contain too much information to be displayed, only current local area chart cards can be used.

I have attached a copy of the handbook


RE: [DG11] What is an RL80C? - scooper321 - 02-06-19 08:11 PM


Thanks. This explains things a bit. It’s important for me to understand how all this works, since it IS functional and I don’t need to update anything right away. Knowing I can update piecemeal with one (or two) RM component(s) at a time is comforting! Thanks for the manual.

RE: [DG11] What is an RL80C? - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-07-19 06:24 AM

H iSteve,

You're welcome