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[CA11] Axiom 9 RV Sounder issues - ktcarter - 02-11-19 11:37 AM

I am having issues with my sounder losing bottom and acting very strange. It isn't bubble related because it does is at all speeds and didn't do it when first installed. I have done everything suggested in previous posts. Checked the plug in the back of the unit, tilted the transducer to different positions, tried different speeds, put the engine in neutral and increase speed, and there is no marine growth. I captured a video of it acting up with my cell phone and would like to send it to you if that is possible. The video is too large to attach to this post.

Interesting side note. It seems to act up the most in standard sounder mode. If i have 4 screens (chart, sounder, chirp, side vision) all going at the same time,,,,it seems to act fine. I have a video of this as well.

I have a RV 100 Transducer, Axiom 9, and RS 150 GPS Sensor. All updated.

RE: [CA11] Axiom 9 Sounder issues - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-11-19 12:06 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum ktcarter,

We're sorry to learn of the problem reported with your Axiom MFD. Videos should be posted to a video sharing site. A link may then be included within one's thread or post to the video which you are seeking to share.

RE: [CA11] Axiom 9 Sounder issues - ktcarter - 02-11-19 02:25 PM

Hope this works. The first one is just the sounder and chart-plotter. You can see the speed to the left is around 4-5 mph's. MFD loses bottom and jumps around.

The second one is the chart, sounder, chirp, and side vision at same speed. All three seem to function fine.

Video's were taken in the same area on the lake within a few minutes of each other.



RE: [CA11] Axiom 9 Sounder issues - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-11-19 03:01 PM


The video quite clearly shows the symptoms reported. I recall having received a similar report from another Axiom RV customer. Similarly, the system was unable to maintain bottom contact when it was displaying only the Sonar (low power high freq CHIRP) channel alone. It is recommended that you verify that the MFD has been updated with v3.8.97 or later software, that the Fishfinder's sonar channel be reset and should the problem persist thereafter, that a Factory Reset be commanded to the MFD. Should the problem persist thereafter, then please respond accordingly.

RE: [CA11] Axiom 9 Sounder issues - ktcarter - 02-11-19 03:22 PM

Sonar is updated to to the latest version and i have tried to reset the sonar several times. I will do the factory reset and get back to you. Will i have to do the updates again after the reset?

RE: [CA11] Axiom 9 Sounder issues - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-11-19 03:34 PM


Execution of the Factory Reset command will not alter/revert the version of software which is presently installed within the MFD.

RE: [CA11] Axiom 9 Sounder issues - ktcarter - 02-13-19 03:22 PM

Did both resets and unfortunately i still have the same issues.

RE: [CA11] Axiom 9 Sounder issues - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-13-19 04:32 PM


Thanks for the additional information. A corresponding problem report will be logged to further investigate this issue to seek a solution within a future LightHouse 3 software update. In the interim, it is recommended that the DownVision Channel be displayed whenever viewing the Sonar channel.

RE: [CA11] Axiom 9 Sounder issues - ktcarter - 02-14-19 08:43 AM

I understand. Until the update is available, is it possible to reset the unit back to the way it was when i purchased it (no updates)? It was working fine then. If not, I will follow your direction and use the downvision channel.

Thanks for your assistance with this.

RE: [CA11] Axiom 9 Sounder issues - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-14-19 09:32 AM


During production, Axiom MFDs are programmed with the latest available LightHouse 3 software. As such, it would not be possible to identify which version of LightHouse 3 software was installed within your MFD when it left the factory. While is may be possible to downgrade the MFD's software to an earlier version, it is generally not advised that this action be undertaken. However, should you identify the last version of LightHouse 3 software which did not exhibit the reported symptom, then it may be possible to provide you with a link to this version of LightHouse 3 software.