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[DG11] ST60 Wind wrong - Northman - 02-13-19 06:41 AM

I bought a ST60 Wind with my boat.
It shows not the winddirection. It goes from left to right and back the whole time. Without the mastunit it spinns around. I think the Pointer should go up to 12 and stand there. Could it be that the pointerunit must be calebrated?
Thanks for answer.

RE: [DG11] ST60 Wind wrong - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 02-13-19 07:19 AM

Hi Northman

Thankyou for your enquiry.

YOu are quite right, with no masthead Tx connected, ( disconnect the cable from the back of the display to eliminate any problems due to a damaged cable), when the power is cycled off and back on, the pointer of the wind display should move to the 12 o'clock position.

Check it is receiving a smooth 12v supply and if the fault persists, then it is likely the wind display is faulty and should be returned to an approved Raymarine repair centre or service dealer.