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[DG11] ST60 Total failure - cdt - 02-28-19 06:11 PM

Hi my apologies if I have posted this twice, I cant find my original.

I have ST60 wind depth and speed. They started flashing and malfunctioning then started again briefly with a factory reset on depth speed etc.

They have now stopped altogether giving just blank screens, there is power to the displays but I cannot turn them on.

Any ideas?

RE: [DG11] ST60 Total failure - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-01-19 11:47 AM

Hi cdt

Thank you for your enquiry

first check power supplies and connections, there should be a good 12v measured between the red wire and the screen (shield) in the main SeaTalk wire, if there is a drop in voltage or loose connection then this will need to be rectified first.

try to connect the red to a separate +12v power supply and the screen (shield) to a -ve 0volt supply, isolate each instrument from SeaTalk and just try to power each one up on its own, this will identify any cable, connection problems or faults in a display which is causing the malfunction.