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[LW11] E120 faulty date - Eirinnrose - 03-08-19 07:38 PM

I have two E120's linked together with SeaTalk. On the Data Bar one (the Master) is set to show the time and the other one shows the date. Problem is sometimes when they are first turned on the one shows the date as August 10, 2003, but not everytime. If I turn off jus the one, it will normally reboot with the correct date.
Can you tell me what might cause this?

RE: [LW11] E120 faulty date - Louise - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-11-19 09:58 AM

Dear eirinnrose,

Thank you for your query.

This sounds like you have a problem with your GPS antenna, what GPS antenna do you have installed? How is it connected in the network?

Many Thanks