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[DG11] E120w Display - Bdfritz - 03-08-19 08:41 PM

Ever since we’ve owned our boat, the e120w displays our boat icon on the screen, however instead of pointing towards the top of the screen (in the direction of the boat); it’s point up towards to 2 o’clock position but moving up (while slanted). Anyone know how to “fix it” just looks strange. The boat is from back in 2011.

RE: [DG11] E120w Display - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-11-19 11:44 AM

Hi Bdfritz

Thank you for your enquiry.

Can you please send a screenshot of the whole display including the data at the top of the screen?

It is possible the compass heading from elsewhere in the network is causing this, does the boat heading shown on the screen agree with the compass heading elsewhere in the system?

Have you selected Head-up, North-up or Course-up? Are you using True or Magnetic in your set up?