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[DG11] e95 hybrid -Problems after System Reset - skiprboy - 03-17-19 11:09 AM

The MFD is no longer able to turn on radar or detect AIS. There was no issue with this before I did a reset. The reset was done because I forgot the password to the iPad Navionics App for sync purposes.

RE: [DG11] e95 hybrid -Problems after System Reset - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-18-19 08:11 AM

Hi skiprboy

Which reset did you use? If you used the full reset, then you will have set the unit back to the initial factory default settings, this will require you to reconnect to the radar - if Quantum, you will need to re- pair with the radar and reset the NMEA connections on the MFD to AIS 38400 baud rate.