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[DG11] T121 Hull transmitter power - mikedefieslife - 03-18-19 08:11 AM

Am I right in thinking that the Tacktick T121 hull transmitter works on three 3v batteries, and that if the batteries are moved, or dead, it will not operate even when fed with a 12v supply?

When I looking at the health of mine, I see 29.9 (presumably the signal strength), and either 1 bar on the battery indicator, or no bars. Despite it constantly being plugged into a good 12v power source.

RE: [DG11] T121 Hull transmitter power - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-18-19 10:12 AM

Hi mikedefieslife

Thank you for your enquiry.

The rechargeable batteries inside the wireless displays are required even if the unit is externally powered. Basically the external 12v supply will recharge the batteries which then power the display. Depending on the use, the age and the number of charge cycles of the batteries, they may have ceased to cycle and to will no longer hold a charge, in which case - they will need to be replaced.

the part number for the Hull transmitter rechargeable batteries is TA119.

RE: [DG11] T121 Hull transmitter power - mikedefieslife - 03-20-19 08:15 AM

Thank you. That is what I thought.

RE: [DG11] T121 Hull transmitter power - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-20-19 08:20 AM

Hi mikedefieslife

You're welcome