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[TG11] Screen dimming reset, Axiom 9 - Andrew Plummer - 03-21-19 06:28 AM

After fishing at night and running my axiom 9 on low dimming setting , most of the time I forget reset the dimming back to hi and then if I fish in daylight it is impossible to see the screen. As it only has a touch screen I can’t see the screen to reset the light to adiquate brightness.

My suggested fix is to make a software improvement so that will it either reset to high brightness when shut down or defuault settings to be set different in accordance with time of Day or Night

This is a very real problem for me as I fish regularly both day and night time .... can you please help

Otherwise extremely happy with this product

RE: [TG11] Screen dimming reset, Axiom 9 - Tom - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-26-19 08:47 PM

Hello Andrew,

Thanks for the feedback. On my bench test Axiom the backlight does indeed revert to 100% brightness after powering off and back on, either via the power control or just pulling out the power cable. Are you running the latest (v3.8.105, at the time of writing) software on your Axiom?

Something it sounds like you're not aware of is that there's also a shortcut for exactly the sort of circumstance you describe: if you keep swiping the power control right whilst the display is powered but on low backlight level, the backlight will increase by 10% on each swipe, meaning you don't need to be able to see the screen to bring the backlight back up.