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[TG11] Total failure of 2yr old T120 mast unit - rodney.lewis@bigpond.com - 03-23-19 11:07 PM

We've had this for two yrs, just left for permanent cruising and the mast unit has failed, liasson with Raymarine told us to replace the battery, (it won't be under warranty) as we're in a remote area we had hold up and get it air bagged to the nearest location, new battery fitted and the unit is still dead after three days of charging, it will not pair with the MN100-2 display, only option is to purchase a new mast head unit unless someone can help with some advise, very reluctant to purchase another unit if they only last two yrs, any help would be appreciated.


RE: [TG11] Total failure of 2yr old T120 mast unit - Tom - Raymarine - Moderator - 03-26-19 10:17 PM

Hello Rodney,

We've spoken a couple of times on the phone about this. I know you've also spoken with Amanda in tech support here and since she's out of the office today I can't ask her about where the discussion went after I was involved, but my memory of our conversation was that we discussed both potential warranty and non-warranty options.
You felt, if I remember correctly, that the Wind Transmitter might have still been within warranty but in our discussions together we reached the mutual conclusion that the battery was the best explanation for the symptoms you were seeing. I clearly remember saying that if you felt it should be warranty then it should come back to us for evaluation and potential repair or replacement, but that if you bought a battery we would not be able to subsequently reimburse you for the cost of that battery. I believe you were leaning towards buying a battery in case that was the problem because you were/are cruising in a very remote area and didn't want to continue sailing without wind data whilst the Wind Transmitter was sent back to us.

I'm sorry to hear that a replacement battery hasn't solved the problem as we both thought it would. If you have the display and Wind Transmitter close together at deck level, power the system off and then back on (in order to wake the Wind Transmitter if possible) and then look in the Health chapter on the display, do you see anything other than dashes ( --- ) for any of the Wind data (you won't need to re-do the Auto-network procedure)? If not, after 3 days in the sun, then either the new battery isn't properly connected, is dead out of the box, or you have another problem with the Wind Transmitter. Based on the fact that the Wind Transmitter was working intermittently before, I'd suspect that the problem may be the connection or power of the new battery. Fitting a new battery shouldn't make the problem worse rather than better of course. What happens if you remove the new battery and put the old one back in?

If you have a problem with the Wind Transmitter that's not the battery, we come back I'm afraid to what we talked about on our first call - I think that we need to look at your Wind Transmitter. If you can include a copy of your proof-of-purchase when you send it back, we'll assess warranty status from there. We tend to give the benefit of the doubt when things are borderline.