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[CA11] network switch - Sallysea - 04-06-19 10:46 AM

It appears that my network switch HS5 is malfunctioning. When first set up the red light was on and the green lights were for every connection. Now the green lights are off and the red light is on. The network is down as configured. When I connect a device directly to the network feed, bypassing the HS5, the device is recognized on my c127. So I think the HS5 is bad. Apparently I need some sort of reference number. It should still be on warranty with serial number 0770582. suggestions?

RE: [CA11] network switch - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 04-09-19 11:15 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Sallysea,

The reference number is not generated by Raymarine. Instead, it is a use generated data item. Typically, Raymarine dealers sending equipment in for service will have their own work / repair order number and the number may then be referenced by the dealer when contacting Raymarine for status. For end users submitting repairs, it is generally recommended that the reference number field be filled in with the products ID followed by the product's serial number.