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i70 - rsdigennaro - 05-10-16 08:02 AM

I have a seatalkng network with 2 - i70 and 1 - ST70+ displays.
In calibration mode, I can see the windspeed from the wind pod, but it doesn't show on the i70 or ST70+ screen in display mode (reads 0.0 kts). The wind direction also goes counterclockwise when I turn clockwise. Which display should I run setup/calibration from if it matters. The depth and speed don't show either. All 3 pods are found by the network.

RE: i70 - Steve - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-10-16 09:49 AM

Are there any other devices on the Seatalk NG backbone? Can you explain the complete design of the Seatalk NG backbone?

I would suggest you calibrated the system through the i70 instrument display, under Transducer Setup.