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[CA11] Seatalk ng Alarm buzzer on a A78 MFD - rlariviere - 04-18-19 09:03 PM

I want to purchase an Alarm buzzer PN: A80614 for my A Series MFD.

The manual says:
The SeaTalkng ® Alarm buzzer is compatible with the following LightHouseTM powered MFDs.
• eS Series
• gS Series
• Axiom
• Axiom Pro
• Axiom XL
MFDs require LightHouseTM 3 software release 3.7 or later for full buzzer compatibility. LighthouseTM 2
and LighthouseTM 3 software release 3.6 or before will not be fully supported by the buzzer.

Is it possible to make it work one way or another?

Is there another option to have a remote alarm buzzer in the boat?

RE: [CA11] Seatalk ng Alarm buzzer on a A78 MFD - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 04-23-19 09:29 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum rlariviere,

As noted within the description which you have provided the A80614 Alarm buzzer has been designed and tested for use with the listed MFDs running LightHouseTM 3 software release 3.7 or later. Appendices A through R of the of the SeaTalkNG Auxiliary Alarm Buzzer Installation Instructions provide a comprehensive list of alarms which the A80614 SeaTalkNG Auxiliary Alarm Buzzer will suppport. While Raymarine recently introduced the Seatalkng Auxiliary Alarm Buzzer, this accessory is unfortunately not designed to sound for most alarms generated by MFDs running software prior to the latest available LightHouse 3 software (v3.10.71 at the time of this response). As indicated within its title, this product is designed to be interfaced as a spur to the system's powered and properly terminated SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 backbone. To remotely hear alarms sounded by an Axiom/Axiom Pro/Axiom XL MFD, the MFD's Bluetooth feature may also be used to connect the MFD to a Bluetooth amplified speaker which will be located within the space where the alarm is desired to be heard. Alternatively, many owners will elect to install a low cost MFD (ex. Axiom 7 MFD with no internal fishfinder circuitry or bundled cartography) within the space where the alarm is desired to be heard. The advantage of the latter is that information concerning the nature of the alarm will be available to operator at the remote location, and it will be possible to cancel the alarm at the remote location. For earlier MFD designs and those running an earlier version of LightHouse 3 software, many of the alarms (total list not available) generated by the MFD may not trigger the A80614 Alarm buzzer to sound. Unfortunately, the A-Series Classic MFDs are not capable of running LightHouse 3 software.