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[CA11] Dragonfly 5M help - Lec - 04-22-19 11:00 AM

Sorry to come in like this, I can't find any help on your youtube, or in a forum search.

I bought a 5M to use on Canadian lakes, specifically Saskatchewan. As I look at the nav map on the web, it should cover far into northern Canada. Last night I pulled into La Ronge, alongside Lac La Ronge, with the idea of trying this out (it's still iced over). I made sure the map sim was properly in place. I can see the town, but the lake does not show. It is all brown scale all the way to Reindeer lake, as if it were a forest, with the town of La Ronge in a forest. Lac La Ronge is pretty large, it should show :)

What am I doing wrong?

RE: [CA11] Dragonfly 5M help - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 04-23-19 02:33 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Lec,

Should you have purchased a Dragonfly bundle which included a Navionics NAV+ chart card, should the Navionics NAV+ chart card be present within the display's memory card reader, and should the Chart application have been configured to display Navionics charts, then it would appear that Lac La Ronge cartography was not included within the Navionics cartography which has been pre-loaded onto the Navionics chart card. One may determine whether Navionics cartography is available for one's lake as well as view how detailed it is by using the Navionics Chart Viewer feature found on the Navionics website. Should cartography for one's lake be available, then the chart card should be registered via the Navionics webs site, its contents should be erased (using this named feature within the Navionics Chart Installer computer application), and then the Navionics Chart Installer's download area feature (a movable / re-sizable box) should be used to create the largest size box supported by the tool and ensure that this box covers the area in which the vessel will be operated. After doing so, the Navionics Chart Installer should then be commanded to install Freshest Data updates to minimally include Nautical Charts for the selected area.

Should you have questions specific to the use of the Navionics Chart Installer application, then it would be recommended that Navionics Chart Installer tutorial found here be viewed. Should you have further questions regarding updating the contents of a Navionics chart card, then it would be recommended that Navionics Product Support (508-291-6000) be contacted for further assistance.

RE: [CA11] Dragonfly 5M help - Lec - 04-23-19 03:05 PM

Thank you. I did not realize I had to register, and then activate, the map sim. That is probably my problem, the map your like shows is exactly what I wanted.

RE: [CA11] Dragonfly 5M help - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 04-23-19 04:03 PM

You're welcome.