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[DG11] Airmar B744V and St50 - alenf - 05-06-19 05:34 AM

Dear All,
I recently bought a IOR two tonner with, let's say, "mixed" (and incomplete) instruments.
Wind instrumensts are St50+ series, which I appreciate and fit - more or less - the lady's age.

There's no log.

On the other hand, there's a bulky GPS/echo which uses an Airmar B744V triducer.

Is there a way to feed the B744V infos to an St50 Speed?

Thank You, and All the Best


RE: [DG11] Airmar B744V and St50 - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-08-19 08:07 AM

Hi Alessandro

Thank you for your enquiry,

We would need to know the spec of the transducer to identify if it can be used. The B744V has a variety of configurations, some will be suited for depth transducer use only and others for fishfinder type sonar - they are not interchangeable either.

Check on the cable there should be one or more labels and send us a copy of all the data off the labels, we can then advise.