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[CA11] ST60 to i50 conversion - _mitch_ - 05-08-19 08:40 AM

I am replacing a ST60 with i50 on a Catalina 270. On opening the back panel the old transducers fit into the i50 but the power intake is a different plug. From what I can tell this is the SeaTalkng plug? How do I convert this from what I have now? The nav power on/off is via the cabin instrument panel so I'm assuming it has a breaker there? Is there a conversion plug? I have pictures of both but too large to let me upload. The current power plug from the ST60 has three prongs out of the back it has a bare wire running into a black, a red wire running into a white and a yellow that is just capped off.

RE: [CA11] ST60 to i50 conversion - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-09-19 01:42 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Mitch,

As you had suggested, one need simply removed the transducer leads from the ST60 Tridata and then mate them to the same color coded terminals of the i50 Tridata. However, when interfacing the i50 Tridata to an existing SeaTalk bus, the following two additional components are required:
- a D244 SeaTalk Junction Block
- an A06057 SeaTalk Adapter Cable

The press-fit / three pin plug which had connected the ST60 Tridata to the SeaTalk bus will be unplugged from the ST60 Tridata instrument's SeaTalk socket and will instead be connected to the aforementioned D244 SeaTalk Junction Block. The aforementioned A06057 SeaTalk Adapter Cable will then be used to interface the i50 Tridata to the D244 SeaTalk Junction Block.