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[CA11] Engine Readouts ES127/128 - Sadey - 05-09-19 03:19 PM

Have both ES128/127. 128 is the master. Installed a Merc Marine Gateway to my network. On the 128 I get starboard engine parameter readouts only but on the slave 127 I get both engine parameters. Further on my I70 I only get one engine readout but can’t remember which engine. What am I doing wrong? Thank you in advance for your help.

RE: [CA11] Engine Readouts ES127/128 - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-13-19 12:36 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Sadey,

Please review the notes at the end of the FAQ found here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. When a NMEA 2000 analyzer is interfaced to the backbone, what instance IDs are transmitted within the PGN 127488 Engine Parameters, Rapid Update? Have the MFDs been interfaced to one another via an Ethernet network? Has the Data Master MFD and i70/i70S MFID each been configured to specify that the vessel features two engines?