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[LW11] GPS source for Axiom - LilleVenn - 05-13-19 06:00 PM

I'm running a AXIOM Pro with internal GPS connected over NMEA2000 to a AIS700 and a RAY90 VHF, both with it's dedicated GPS antenna.
Even that the AXIOM is installed outside, it loses GPS connection regularely.
Is there a way in this case to use the GPS information from the AIS or the VHF?

RE: [LW11] GPS source for Axiom - Louise - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-16-19 09:59 AM

Dear LilleVen,

Thank you for your query.

Can you tell me what your priority GPS source is in the Axiom?

Home>settings>network>data sources> GPS

If it is the Ray90, I recommend switching the internal GPS off in the Ray90, you can find how to to this in the manual available here.

Many Thanks