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[CA11] Axiom Pro - VRM/EBL Not Responding - Type1 - 05-16-19 07:38 PM

We have had several instances of a runaway VRM/EBL on two of our three new Axiom Pro MFDs. The VRM/EBL ceases to respond properly to commands from the rotary knob and runs off to the top of the screen. The only way we have found to correct the problem is to restart the unit. Could this be a software issue?

RE: [CA11] Axiom Pro - VRM/EBL Not Responding - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-21-19 11:08 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Type1,

Raymarine's engineering team has been unable to reproduce the reported issue using the script which had been previously provided. Would it be possible it would be helpful to have you produce a video of the step taken to produce the reported issue and showing the reported symptom. A link to the video (preferred), or the video itself, may be included within your next post. Please additionally specify which version of software is being operated within the MFDs.