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[DG11] Axiom Pro s to Volvo Penta D6 - MIo - 05-19-19 11:54 PM

I have a Volvo Penta D6 that earlier was connected to a C120 via VP gatway 3889757. I switch to old c120 to a Axiom 12 Pro S and connected at same point as before. End of backbone. Axiom unit will not find the engine. Tried to terminate and use another t-pice. No result Axiom cannot identify. Can it be the gateway that is to old? It´s probably from 2008 Br / Marten

RE: [DG11] Axiom Pro s to Volvo Penta D6 - Louise - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-31-19 09:56 AM

Dear MIo,

Thank you for the post.

It will be worth consulting a Volvo dealer regarding the gateway as it is likely to be out of date. Can you also send a system installation diagram to us to assist with helping you diagnose the issue.

Many Thanks