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[LW11] App deployment on Lighthouse 3 - mcabrer - 05-29-19 12:20 AM

Hello, we are a software development company and we have an app for boaters call Grumering, the app is a success in Spain with thousands of users and its about social update of jellyfishes identification.

We would like to deploy the app into the Lighthouse 3 system so users can have it on the new Axiom systems.

Is there anyway to make the app approved or compatible for Raymarine? do you know the process to follow for that approval? anyone having a contact I can connect to discuss about it?

I think it would be a good service for boaters.



RE: [LW11] App deployment on Lighthouse 3 - Louise - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-31-19 08:43 AM

Dear mcabrer,

If you can send me your contact details on a private message, I will forward this to the product manager.

Many Thanks