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[CA11] lighthouse nc2 compared to Navionics on axiom 12 - rshhome - 05-29-19 09:01 AM

I want to know if the update for lighthouse NC2 is worth doing? I have Navionics I got with my Axiom 12 & 7 last year. I do mostly cruising on the Great Lakes and for the $49.00 intro fee I might be interested rather than updating the Navionics all the time. Any thoughts between the 2?

Also, I assume I can load into my raymarine remote card reader and it will update from there and download? So I can put my blank card back in for my camera and recordings?


RE: [CA11] lighthouse nc2 compared to Navionics on axiom 12 - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-30-19 01:25 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum rshhome,

I generally recommend that customers make such assessments with their own eyes. Flir/Raymarine has acquired Fishidy from which the cartography for LightHouse NC2 charts has its origins. LightHouse NC2 (i.e. Fishidy) cartography may currently be viewed via Fishidy's website. It’s free to create a Fishidy account, and it can be done by downloading the mobile app and filling out the form, or you can fill out the form on the Fishidy website as well to view these charts with a computer. Once an account has been created, then you may use the Fishidy website's interactive Map feature to view these charts. It should be noted that while these charts feature detailed bathymetric data for the Canadian waters of the Great Lakes, they do not feature Navaids for Canadian waters of the Great Lakes.

Like other cartography used with Axiom MFDs, the chart card containing the corresponding cartography must be present within the MFD's memory card reader or remote card reader whenever desiring to view the corresponding cartography within the MFD's Chart application. No Wake Zones are not denoted within LightHouse NC2 Charts.