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[CA11] S2G to X30 Wiring Help - Details GPF - 06-01-19 08:11 AM

Hello, I am new here and have a failed S2G. I have been told that the X30 is the best route for replacing. I purchased one used, but looking at the connections... There are some obvious differences.

Most of it looks very similar however I have a NEMA1 and NEMA 2 block on the S2G, and only NEMA block on the X30. I have a green and blue wire attached to the NEMA 1 Terminal (+/-) and three wires into the NEMA 2 (+) and another 3 wires into the NEMA 2 (-)...

I am left scratching my head, any help would be greatly appreciated.

RE: [CA11] S2G to X30 Wiring Help - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 06-04-19 09:03 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Details GPF,

The current connections to the S2G's NMEA 0183 IN2 port violate NMEA 0183 communications protocol. Specifically, a NMEA 0183 listener (ex. the S2G's NMEA 0183 IN2 port) is only designed to process data from a single listener. Interfacing more than one NMEA 0183 talker to a single NMEA 0183 input port of a product can result in communications failures. Should more than one NMEA 0183 talker need to be interfaced to the NMEA 0183 listener, then the NMEA 0183 talkers must not be simultaneously operating, or a 4800 BAUD NMEA 0183 Multiplexer would need to be installed between NMEA 0183 talkers and the NMEA 0183 listener. In order to address how the X30 autopilot course computer should be interfaced to the system, it would be necessary for you to identify marine electronics products within the system and to additionally specify which of those are presently interfaced to the S2G. It would not be possible to identify this via wire colors alone. These cables will need to be traced to their sources.

Finally, the model of autopilot course computer or ACU is determined by the model of drive unit which will be used with the system. Typically, a S2G would be replace with an X10 autopilot course computer.