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[DG11] ray 230 curly cable - alex kirby - 06-06-19 04:42 AM

Hello can anybody help me?
I have a ray 230 Radio and the cable has perished.

i have taken the old one apart to try and create a wiring diagram but unfortunatley there is one cable i cant work out goes where.

I tried contacting Raymarine and they said they couldnt help and no longer offer parts for this unit.
I asked for a wiring diagram and they said they didnt have one because the unit was manufactured in Japan by Kanamatsu.

Can anybody help???
Does anybody either have a source for a new curly cable or a wiring diagram so i can work out where to connect the this wire in the handset wiring loom?

RE: [DG11] ray 230 curly cable - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 06-06-19 06:39 AM

Hi Alex,

Thank you for your enquiry.

Raymarine no longer hold spares for the RAY230 and wiring diagrams are just not available, please refer to this FAQ , although I believe if the handset is returned to the UK Service workshop they may be able to replace the cable.



RE: [DG11] ray 230 curly cable - alex kirby - 06-10-19 03:53 AM

Thanks Derek

Yes but they want £260 plus parts for the pleasure, the radio just isn't worth it.

All i need is to find out where the white wire from the handedset goes too.

evenm if somebody has an old faulty uunit i could put a multimeter across it to get an anser?

RE: [DG11] ray 230 curly cable - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 06-10-19 10:46 AM

Hi Alex,

Thankyou for your feedback,

I have checked with our workshop and do not have that information available.

RE: [DG11] ray 230 curly cable - alex kirby - 06-11-19 04:08 AM

Thanks Derek

If i could find a handset i could put a Multi meter on the plug ends and on the white wire and find out where they go, do you have or know anybody who has a working or not working ray 230 hanset ?

Kind Regards

RE: [DG11] ray 230 curly cable - Derek - Raymarine - Moderator - 06-12-19 06:32 AM

Hi Alex,

I can only suggest that one of the waterside dealers may have a working unit, we no longer have this equipment in-house.