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i70 not displaying wind speed - RickSegal - 05-17-16 10:48 PM

[Possible duplicate posting]

I own the following set up on my sailboat

a95 MFD
i70 Display
P70 A/P
iTC-5 Converter

I recently upgraded the lighthouse charts to 16 as well as following the instructions for letting the other devices upgrade the firmware. Everything upgraded fine and everything is current.
The problem I have is that on the i70, I don't get wind speed whereas on the a95, I get everything fine.
The iTC-5 has a solid green led on the outside. I have not opened the box up.
I didn't install this stuff but can troubleshoot if I get some guidance. I have removed power from everything and done the factory resets where I can/able. I know of no way to do anything to the iTC.
I've attached a picture so you can see the set up/displays.
Where I am (Vancouver Island) there is nobody that is familiar with Raymarine. This was installed in Vancouver.

Any assistance/thoughts would be gratefully appreciated.

Rick Segal
S/V Tessie Marie, Campbell River, BC

RE: i70 not displaying wind speed - Steve - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-18-16 02:26 PM

The speed boxes you have on the i70 are for Speed through the water. Open a Wind data box on the i70 display, AWS (Apparent Wind Speed) and that will display what is on the a95. Raymarine displays the two data items differently, Speed is speed through the water from a speed transducer with a paddlewheel, AWS is apparent wind speed from a masthead wind transducer.

RE: i70 not displaying wind speed - RickSegal - 05-18-16 02:45 PM

Thank you. I can only imagine the number of times a day you say, if I had a nickel every time a newbie says.....

Fair winds..

RE: i70 not displaying wind speed - Steve - Raymarine - Moderator - 05-18-16 03:09 PM

Ha! No worries, always willing to help and make sure the equipment is working properly! Let us know if you have any future questions.