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[LW11] Update E120 doesn't work - SITA02 - 06-17-19 01:31 PM

I bought some new charts for my MFD E120. Before I had to update from software version 3.15 to 5.69. I bought a 128 mb compactflash and downloaded the update file from the raymarina website. After extracting the files and putting them in the root folder of the CF-card, i inserted the card in the MFD. The MFD was turned off during that time. After turning on, the MFD just starts in the normal mode. I tried so much and spent a lot of money on the new charts.

Has anybody an idea why the MFD is not recognising the update files?

RE: [LW11] Update E120 doesn't work - Louise - Raymarine - Moderator - 06-26-19 03:24 AM

Sear SITA02,

Did you format the card to FAT32?

Are the files on the root directory or within a folder? If the files are within a folder they will not be seen by the MFD, they need to be on the root directory.

Many Thanks