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[LW11] AIS full data not appearing - Plover - 06-28-19 03:21 AM

I have recently installed an Axiom 9, it is connected to my original seatalk instruments via an STNG connector.
The AIS data is supplied by an Ocean Rescue ATB1 connected to the NMEA port on the STNG adaptor.
I do not get ull AIS ship data appearing on most targets. Randomly ship names appear but this is rare.
Is there some issue with the connection or is it a setting in the Axiom causing this issue?

RE: [LW11] AIS full data not appearing - Louise - Raymarine - Moderator - 06-28-19 09:56 AM

Dear Plover,

Thank you for your post.

How is the AIS connected? What adaptor are you using? Is it NMEA0183 to STng? Who is the manufacturer of the AIS unit?

Many Thanks

RE: [LW11] AIS full data not appearing - Plover - 08-02-19 11:26 AM

HI Louise
I have an Oceansignal ATB1, it is connect via its NMEA 200 output to STng

Sometimes I get the AIS target name and detail and sometimes only the MMS number

RE: [LW11] AIS full data not appearing - Louise - Raymarine - Moderator - 08-12-19 03:53 AM

Dear Mr Plover,

Thank you for your post.

This is not an AIS unit we have tested with the Axiom but there is no reason why you should not see the data. The Lighthouse 3 software is repeating data it is seeing on the network - what revision of Lighthouse do you have on the Axiom? HOMESCREEN> SETTINGS - the revision of software is listed under the Axiom description, the most up to date version is Lighthouse 3.10.42.

Have you got the STng backbone correctly setup? Are there terminators in each end of the backbone? How are you powering the backbone?

Can you send a screenshot in of the data you are seeing to assist us.

Have you connected the AIS unit to a PC to ensure the the AIS unit is Rx and TX correctly with all necessary data, the manufacturer would have provided the software for this, usually we use ProAIS2 but I am unsure if your AIS unit also uses the same software?

Many Thanks