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[LW11] e127 Radar Compatibility - tonyiiiafl - 07-03-19 08:44 PM

I have Raymarine e127 and e97 MFD’s that are 3 years old and seem to have been “retired”. I used a Quantum Radar with it, and was wondering if the good old RD418HD will be compatible with these MFD’s. I have the Quantum networked to the e97 as a master and the e127b as the slave. Just want to get back to the older school radar that was very reliable. Thanks for the help!

RE: [LW11] e127 Radar Compatibility - Louise - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-09-19 08:23 AM

Dear tonyiiiafl,

Thank you for your post.

The RD418HD radome is compatible with the e127 and e97. What cable do you have with it? We have provided 2 types of cable in the past, one with an RJ45 connector and one a Raynet connector.

Will you be plugging directly into a HS switch or in to the back of the MFD?

Please refer to the eSeries installation manual, this covers all possible varieties of connecting the radar. It is available here as a download from our website.

Many Thanks