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Anchor watch and Alarm - Riccoz - 07-09-19 02:55 PM

Hi Raymarine,

I bought a new boat, and on that boat there is a raymarine setup, i bought the new Axiom 9 to update the current system, i came from a full 2017 Garmin setup, and are learning the differences, but also see the pros and cons.

There is one thing i would like to request, that is an easy way to create an Anchor Watch/Alarm so you can sleep tight at those Anchorages.

So my idea was simply to have a predefined page where you can pre configure how far there are from your navstation to your anchor drop. When you get in position and ready to drop the anchor you hit the button on the display and the Anchor alarm knows exactly where the anchor is dropped, you then lay your chain, back your boat to get a grip and now the alarm is centered on the drop point, and stays there. After you have dropped your anchor you could have on that same page, a distance ring around your anchor drop point, a track so you can see your drift pattern. then you should be able to customize what data you want on your display, wind speed direction etc. If you have a radar mounted or AIS you could include that you would like to be alerted if other boats are suddenly in range, this would also be a good safety aspect, when you are all alone at those remote Anchor places, around the world and you would be able to detect intruders before they are opening your hatches.

I think the whole Anchor part of Lighthouse 3 could get a lot better, this gives a sailor like me ease of mind when sleeping during the night, and i would not have the need to install apps on tablets/phones that can do some of this.

Kind regards

RE: Anchor watch and Alarm - Tom - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-17-19 01:09 AM

Hello Ricco,

Thank you for sharing your suggestion and feedback - this is always appreciated.

We have a monthly internal product-improvement forum, and an improved anchoring process similar to what you describe was presented at one of the recent demonstrations. Your process flow and ideas are all good ones and I'm glad to be able to say that I think that you will see an improved anchoring setup in a future MFD software update. I've added your suggestion to our issue-tracking database as well.

You can already do much of what you describe, it's just not a simple 'Anchor' page layout or process. I would suggest setting up an 'Anchor' shortcut on the homescreen that had a splitscreen chart/radar page, configured to your preferred ranges, Track setup etc., and switching to that app shortcut when anchoring. I'm sure you're aware but the anchor alarm is reached through Home > Alarm > Settings > Anchor Drift.


RE: Anchor watch and Alarm - Riccoz - 06-02-20 02:56 PM

Hey again,

Any news on when a better anchor watch/alarm will be implemented? Btw if you need inspiration check maretron they won the innovation award at the Miami boat show here in 2020 for their anchor watch looked very similar to what I suggested last year.

Axiom has all the information needed to do something similar, it would be awesome if you gathered the same information on one screen and called it anchor watch.


RE: [TG11] Anchor watch and Alarm - Tom - Raymarine - Moderator - 06-09-20 01:55 AM

Hello Ricco,

Here in support we have limited visibility about future features, because of course they're kept under wraps until close to the time of release, so I'm sorry to say I am unable to answer your question (even if I knew, I wouldn't be able to say.) We are of course always looking to improve our products but we have a long, long list of features we want to introduce and the Product Managers have a tough job deciding what order they get done in, because of course we can't do them all at the same time.