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[CA11] UAV Control issues - kaptkaos - 07-09-19 10:48 PM

So far the Mavic has only been flown from the Axion while the boat is at home on the trailer. Still dont trust it as I have never been able to reliably control it from the Mavic Controller. The App flies it great, as do the virtual joysticks, however when i turn off the virtual joysticks or unplug the usb cable, I DO NOT regain control of the drone. I have been able to return to boat and wait, and eventually after 5 minutes of frantic button mashing on the controller I do get control. This has never worked right and is the last piece to truly allowing me to trust it over water. Please help! I am on the latest Axiom software.

RE: [CA11] UAV Control issues - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-17-19 09:11 AM

Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum kaptkaos,

Based upon the symptoms reported it would appear that the UAV's controller may have an issue with its physical controls. Accordingly, it would be recommended that the support team for the UAV's manufacturer (DJI) be consulted/contacted for further assistance.