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[LW11] Connecting RD418D to a C140W - drfeno - 07-11-19 09:01 AM

I've read a lot of threads regarding compatibility of older MFD's with Radar scanners. It seems that the RD418D is compatible with the C140W. What I don't know is exactly what cable to use. I bought the scanner used, and I don't believe it will come with a cable. There are a lot of different terms thrown around, seatalk, raynet, ethernet, various adapters. This installation only involves one MFD and one radar.



RE: [LW11] Connecting RD418D to a C140W - Louise - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-12-19 08:22 AM

Dear drfeno,

Thank you for your post.

The RD418D radome is compatible with the C140W, please refer to the manuals available online for guidance on installation and operation.

The Radome manual is available here.

The C140W manual is available here.

Many Thanks