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[CA11] E120 malfunction - Kmac - 07-11-19 09:40 PM

I have an E120 classic that I believe is malfunctioning as my autopilot is not receiving navigation data. I want to check the Seatalk2 port to see if it is transmitting data. Could you let me know which pins on the port I would need to check?
Thanks for your help

RE: [CA11] E120 malfunction - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-17-19 03:49 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Kmac,

Within systems featuring two or more E-Series Classic MFDs which have been correctly interfaced to an Evolution autopilot, the most common cause for the reported symptoms are:
- failure to update the systems MFDs with E-Series Classic MFD v5.69 software ... update the MFDs' software to v5.69
- designating a MFD as the system's Data Master other than the MFD which has its SeaTalk2 port interfaced to spur socket within the backbone ... configure the correct MFD as the system's Data Master MFD (i.e. the MFD which has its SeaTalk2 port interfaced to spur socket within the backbone)

Should the Data Master MFD meet the criteria specified above, then its SeaTalk NG Devices List (MENU->SYSTEM DIAGNOSTICS->EXTERNAL INTERFACES-SEATALK NG->SEATALK NG DEVICES) should list the Evolution autopilot's EV-1 CCU, ACU, and p70S/p70RS autopilot control head. The SeaTalk NG Statistics should also list messages received and transmitted. Alternatively, the About System diagnostic feature accessible through the autopilot control head should list the Data Master MFD among its devices list (don't be surprised if it is listed as "invalid serial number" ... inspecting its information further, one should find the MFD's model listed as the "Model ID").