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[TG11] i70 engine integration question - Yourmomm - 07-12-19 09:36 PM


Is there any way I can integrate my i70 to display basic engine information (tachometer etc)? I have a craftsman marine cm2.16 engine, and I dont think the ECI 100 is compatible, although to tell the truth I'm getting a bit confused, here, so I dont really know...craftsman marine are not helping much as to my query whether the engine can output nmea 2000 data, either....

Many thanks for any advice.

RE: [TG11] i70 engine integration question - Tom - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-23-19 03:06 AM


Based on the Craftsman handbook which I've just had a quick look at (https://www.craftsmanmarine.com/propulsion/engines/cm216/, the instrument panel that it's compatible with and the fact that it appears to be a marinised version of a Mitsubishi (non-marine) engine, I would be confident that it doesn't output NMEA2000. It might output J1939 (the industrial/heavy-automotive equivalent of NMEA2000 engine data) but there's no sign of that in the documentation. I am guessing that it's analogue-signals only. In that case you'd need an analogue-NMEA2000 convertor.

There's some good info and a comparison of different convertors at https://www.pbo.co.uk/expert-advice/how-to-convert-analogue-engine-data-and-battery-levels-to-show-on-your-chartplotter-59113 which should be useful. As long as the data is standard NMEA2000 we don't mind where it comes from, and don't test/compare specific convertors.