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[CA11] eS127 Repair Options - hubesail - 07-16-19 09:44 AM


I have two eS127 units that have different problems. One has a faulty sonar module and the other has reliability issues and one little area of the touch screen that does not work.

The $1,300 fixed price repair of these seems pretty high. What happens with the $90 inspection option? Do you test the unit and then give me the cost of repair?

Thanks, Hube

RE: [CA11] eS127 Repair Options - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-19-19 12:19 PM

Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum Hube,

Raymarine indeed offers a $90 bench check fee. The posted flat rates reflect the cost to repair most products for issues related to common failures. Extreme physical damage resulting from lightning, fire, submersion, etc. is not covered by the posted flat rates. The actual cost of a repair may indeed be less than the stated flat rate, but may only be determined by having first bench tested the product. The cost of the bench test fee is waived when a product is repaired by the Repair Center.