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[CA11] No Data from Magnum - rwvw415 - 07-23-19 07:50 AM

Like others, I have a completely new Raymarine system including Magnum open array radar, Axiom Pro S and Axiom Pro RVX 12” screens, Raymarine Autopilot and two new transducers for 3D Sonar. Everything worked until I upgraded to the new Lighthouse software. Now I have the same issue that others have where the screens cannot see my radar. We just installed an ON Off switch on the dash panel for the Radar which helped so the radar will come on about half the time. I have no problems with battery power or electricity on the boat. Would you send me the software downgrade and upgrade instructions as I saw that mentioned on this forum but cannot find it now. Please keep it a simple as possible as I’m not completely literate on IT issues.

RE: [CA11] No Data from Magnum - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-29-19 01:32 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum rwvw415,

We're sorry to learn of the reported issue. However, it is not recommended that the MFD's software be downgraded. Instead, it is recommended that the system's MFDs be updated with LightHouse 3 v3.10.39 or later software, that a Power On Factory Reset then be performed to each of the system's MFDs, and that the system's configuration settings be manually reconfigured rather than restored for a system settings backup. Should the problem persist thereafter, then the command sequence HOME->SETTINGS->NETWORK->THIS DISPLAY->DIAGNOSTICS->PRODUCTS INFO may be used to list all devices detected by the Axiom MFD. Within this information will be the version of software which is currently installed within the Magnum radar's memory (IF Board Version) ... please respond with this information.

RE: [CA11] No Data from Magnum - rwvw415 - 07-30-19 08:08 PM

I upgraded the software to the latest version 3.10.39 then preformed the power on reset on both MFD’s and the radar came on. I turned the units on and off a few times and they came on each time. I then turned on the engines and I could still see the radar. When I turned off the engines I then could not see the radar so I toggled the switch on the scanner and it came back on . As a reminder we have set up a separate on off switch on the dashboard to power on the radar unit. Please see my screen shots below.

RE: [CA11] No Data from Magnum - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-31-19 09:44 AM


It is recommended that further testing of the equipment take place. Should the equipment operate properly when only the marine electronics circuits are powered and should switching the engines on/off cause and interruption in the operation of the radar pedestal, then it may indicate a need for better isolation of the power circuits supplying power to the marine electronics. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject.