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[LW11] Axiom restaring several time - Stefan - 07-25-19 12:17 PM

Today I was boating with my Axiom 7. I made an upgrade from LH V3.9 to V3.10.39 before I started. I was running with a splitted screen with one overview and one very detailed. Using latest Navionics cards for Sweden that I updated july 17.

During 3 hour going with motor, my Axiom restarted 10 - 15 times, the weather was rather warm here in Sweden approx 28 C and my Axiom 7 was in the sun. Can it be overheated also during the summer here in Sweden? Or is it the latest V3.10.39 that caused this? Its very anoying that the unit restarted several times and I was in a couple of difficult passages when it happened. I have checked the power cables and they are fine.

Yesterday everything worked fine, the difference was the temperature that was lower approx 22 C with less sun and I was using LH V3.9.

Any suggestion why my unit was restarting today?

RE: [LW11] Axiom restaring several time - Louise - Raymarine - Moderator - 08-08-19 04:54 AM

Dear stefan,

Thank you for your post.

Have you checked the supply voltage to the Axiom, is there a consistent 12.5+v being supplied to the unit? Was the standby LED showing any colour or flash sequence?

Was there any particular app selection or menu option that caused a reboot of the system?

Could you send the crash logs for us to analyse? HOME SCREEN> SETTINGS> NETWORK>DIAGNOSTICS> SAVE CRASH LOGS - please send these in to us at support.uk@raymarine.com

The software update would not be causing this to reboot and we have Axioms operating in much higher temperatures than you are experiencing.

Many Thanks

RE: [LW11] Axiom restaring several time - Stefan - 08-08-19 11:14 AM

As it was restaring I made several factory resets. During a couple of hours the unit was stuck in a strange mode and was impossible to start. Then suddenly it started up again in a normal way.

I have carfully checked the power connection and it looks fine so its no power dip that could cause this.

For a week it then worked fine again. I updated to the latest LH3.10.42 and everything worked fine since then.

Could it be a HW-fault in my unit? I will supply the crash logs in a mail (soon I hope).

RE: [LW11] Axiom restaring several time - Louise - Raymarine - Moderator - 08-12-19 05:16 AM

Dear Stefan,

Thank you for the post.

To confirm, the Axiom is operating perfectly fine now?

It sounds like the Axiom got locked in a software loop not a hardware issue, please continue to monitor the Axiom and inform us if there are any further issues.

Once we receive the crash logs we will be able to identify the potential cause of the reboot.

Many Thanks