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[CA11] Autopilot Consideration - Artemis NW - 07-26-19 06:36 PM

I am thinking about an autopilot to aid when my wife and I are trolling. Here is what I have:
28' Aluminum Alaskan Pilot house (10,000 lbs)
Twin Yamaha 250 with DEC Control and Yamaha 25 kicker
2 helms, on in pilot house, one on deck
Seastar Tournament with 1 cylinder (attached to all 3 engines)
Axiom Pro 12 MFD & 9 Axiom with Seastar NG and NMEA 2000 networks
AR200 and Camera

What would be needed to the for components for an autopilot system?

Will the 1 cylindar Seastar system work for an autopilot system?

RE: [CA11] Autopilot Consideration - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 07-31-19 01:10 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Artemis NW,

Per the FAQ addressing selection of an Evolution autopilot for a hydraulically steered vessel, such selection is based upon the cubic capacity of the vessel's steering ram. The model of steering ram and its cubic capacity are commonly stamp onto a plate affixed to the steering ram. If supplied with this information, then a recommendation may be made concerning the appropriate Evolution autopilot for your system.

RE: [CA11] Autopilot Consideration - Artemis NW - 08-06-19 01:31 PM

The steering ram is a SeaStar Tournament series. The capacity of the ram is 8.3 according the manufactures page: http://www.seastarsolutions.com/support-2/volumes-and-capacities-hyd-steering/#baystar-cylinder

Would this mean a drive type 1 (M81120, 12v) and ACU-150?

RE: [CA11] Autopilot Consideration - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 08-07-19 08:15 AM

Artemis NW,

Indeed a Type 1 Hydraulic Pump would be recommended for this application. This pump is bundled within the T70330 EV-150 Hydraulic autopilot for vessels featuring a 12VDC power distribution system.