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[CA11] Adding a Raymarine display via NEMA 0183 - lwilson - 08-01-19 06:36 PM

Looking at adding a Raymarine display( 10 inch or larger) to the current standard horizon CP590 system on a vessel. Don't not have any networking installed at this time but will if can make system work. Would like to use the CP590 as lower display and install New display on top deck using all of system. Currently running CP590, Radar, FF520 black box, DST525 transducer.
Believe the CP590 has NEMA 0183 capabilities.
As standard horizon no longer available would like to go to Raymarine.

1. What Raymarine unit would you recommend?
2. What would be needed to complete this task for communications?
3. Would it have full capabilities? Fish finder, chart, radar display?

RE: [CA11] Adding a Raymarine display via NEMA 0183 - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 08-05-19 01:10 PM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum lwilson,

Please note that Raymarine equipment is not designed be interfaced to third party systems to support sharing of cartography, or radar/fishfinder features with such systems. This is particularly true with respect to controlling/configuring the features of third party radar and fishfinding systems. At best, the VGA output of the standard horizon CP590 system may be encoded and then repeated via the Raymarine MFD's Camera application. NMEA 0183 communications between your equipment and a Raymarine MFD would only support transmission of alphanumeric GPS, instrument (depth, wind, etc.), and navigational data (associated with a Go To or Follow Route command), between these systems.