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[LW11] St5000 plus pilot - aseppala - 08-07-19 01:36 PM


I am having Autohelm st5000 plus autopilot in my sail boat. Fluxgate compass seems to have some problems keeping heading and wondering if that could be replaced with Raymarine Fluxgate Compass M81190 or is that compatible with the system?

Can I also use the same fluxgate compass data for providing heading data to my separate seatalkng network using seatalk -> seatalkng converter box for getting that missing sensor data from my Axiom and layers supporting sail planning? I have already SOG, wind etc data available.



RE: [LW11] St5000 plus pilot - Louise - Raymarine - Moderator - 08-21-19 06:08 AM

Dear aseppala,

Thank you for your post.

Can you confirm the following;

Is your ST5000 grey or black?

Has your ST5000 got an external fluxgate compass?

Once we have determined your pilot I can then confirm if the M81190 is suitable. The compass heading data can be used on the network, you will need the convertor (part no E22158) as you have mentioned to be able to share this data over the STng network.

Many Thanks