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[LW11] Possible to connect - marcelvdwart - 08-12-19 07:08 AM

Hi all,

Is it possible to connect the autopilot to the axiom 7 MFD via a conversion kit Seatalk to SeatalkNG.

there's already a seatakNG network, so I understood that it's not needed to connect the red wire, since it's already getting power from the seatalkNG which is connected to a switch and to a battery.

RE: [LW11] Possible to connect - Louise - Raymarine - Moderator - 08-23-19 03:17 AM

Dear marcelvdwart,

Thank you for your post.

You can connect the pilot via the ST1 to STng convertor. This will enable you to share waypoint and route data, you will not have the ability to control the pilot from the Axiom. If you are tracking to a waypoint you will need to engage the autopilot from the control head.

The part number is E22158 and please find more information here.

Many Thanks