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[CA11] X5 unexpected reset - Gcarmich - 08-14-19 02:17 PM

I took my sailboat with an X5 autopilot out a few days ago and found that the autopilot kept trying to turn the boat in circles to the point the autopilot motor would report stalling. Seem like the autopilot was reset and forgot its configuration. I haven't had a problem with the autopilot since I installed and configured it. What could cause a self reset? Thx,Gilbert

RE: [CA11] X5 unexpected reset - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 08-22-19 09:51 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Gilbert,

If the autopilot's control head did not reboot (i.e. screen turned OFF and then ON again) or report NO PILOT, then the autopilot did not reset/reboot. Assuming that no one has place an object producing a magnetic field in close proximity to the fluxgate compass, then the reported symptom is most commonly indicative of a fluxgate compass which is in the initial stages of failure or a rudder reference transducer which is in the initial stages of failure. Tests for the fluxgate compass and rudder referenced transducer may be found within the Important Threads list of the Autopilots category of this Forum.