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[JH11] MFD says no Pilot connected - Garth - 09-03-19 08:46 PM

Just upgraded to the latest software version as of today.
MFD reported Success.
The system is standard factory installed by Riviera in 2015
E125 MFD, PR70R networked via Volvo EVC to IPS600 pods.
The boat will steer to a vector set on the PR70R and the EVC shows rudder angle but the E125 shows No Pilot and when selecting a course the PR70R reports error, not connected.

What needs to be done/checked?

RE: [JH11] MFD says no Pilot connected - John - Raymarine - Moderator - 09-04-19 11:44 AM


Check to make sure that the autopilot control is activated on the e125. You can do this from you home screen with the following steps.

Setup>System Settings>Autopilot control button to on.

Best Regards