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[CA11] iPad Master/Slave - ChilliHeat - 09-12-19 11:23 PM

We have an eS128 MFD on our Beneteau 473 at the chart table. While we are at sea we use an IPad on each helm (Port and Starboard) connected to the eS128. The MFD is on LIghthouse 3 3.10.42

One IPad works fine. I have full control over the MFD. If I connect the second IPad the first one connected becomes the “Master” (full control of the MFD) and the second one a slave (display only with no control). This is understandable as you don’t want two people pushing buttons on different helms at the same time.

The problem is, the units swap as to which one is master and slave by what seems there own accord!

One minute I’m setting up to follow a route and the next the IPad won’t send keystrokes to the MFD and I have to change helms.

The Port IPad does have less WiFi reception from the eS128, (2 out of three bars) but the app always seems responsive. It’s the latest version of the app and IOS.

Is there anyway to “lock” and IPad so it has the “master” role?
Or is two IPads pushing the friendship :)

RE: [CA11] iPad Master/Slave - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 09-13-19 09:20 AM

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum ChilliHeat,

Please note that Raymarine's RayControl and RayRemote mobile apps were not designed to support operation in the manner which you are employing them ... i.e. only one mobile device would typically be running the RayControl or RayRemote mobile app. Accordingly, you may want to consider additionally installing the RayView app on each tablet and thereafter be certain to only be running the RayControl app on one of the tablets at any time.

RE: [CA11] iPad Master/Slave - ChilliHeat - 09-15-19 11:08 PM

Thank you so much!

RE: [CA11] iPad Master/Slave - Chuck - Raymarine - Moderator - 09-16-19 08:01 AM

You're welcome.