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[LW11] RACE CHART ES-7 - TITO MOURE - 09-29-19 12:48 PM

In the update of the ES-7 to the LH3 Bermuda, when the race chart is used, with the bow up, when it is zoomed it is uncoordinated and the boat is not kept in the position that should be on the screen.

RE: [LW11] RACE CHART ES-7 - Louise - Raymarine - Moderator - 10-04-19 09:49 AM


Thank you for your post.

When you refer to bow up, are you in course up mode or head up mode?
What is your heading data source?
What version of Lighthouse 3 are you running?
What range are you zoomed into?

Can you provide some video footage of what you are referring to as I have tested zooming in on my Axiom to 150m on the race page and the boat heading remains consistent.

Many Thanks